“The marriage you want, the business you build, and the millions you make are all fueled by your ability to harness deep sexual connection with your wife.”

Consider that you were not born to settle for a mediocre or
sex-starved marriage as an elite, top producer.

I Felt Sexually Frustrated …

Dear Elite Married Businessman,

I know what it feels like to be sexually frustrated …

To lie down next to my wife and wanting to touch her …

Yet feeling that she is a million miles away …

Frozen from the fear of rejection.

Want to know the hard, unpleasant truth about sexual frustration in marriage as an elite businessman?

You’re crushing it in business and all other areas of life …

But with your wife?

She’s the ‘untouchable ice queen’ … the ‘barbie in a box’ who won’t come out to play …

Which leads to a couple of possible options …

Sedate your sexual desire by burying them deep down inside until you become an unhappy, resentful shell of a man …

Or go to fruitless outlets like porn and masturbation … or worse.

Here’s the cold, hard truth about sex in a committed,
monogamous marriage.

Sexual frustration in marriage can cause:

Feelings of Unworthiness


and stress


and ill will

Physical injuries or disease


Impacts to your financial production!

Not quite the marriage you thought you’d have when you married in
God’s Temple all those years ago … is it?

A Conversation That Changed Everything …

Hello, my name is Enoch Sears.

I went from a sexually scarce marriage, to mind-blowing, connected sex with my wife over the past three years.

It wasn’t always this way.

A conversation on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 changed the course of my marriage (and life) forever.

Like getting a terminal diagnosis from a doctor, after 17 years of marriage and six children, I woke up to the reality that my “Celestial Marriage” was mediocre.

When this painful truth dawned on me, it felt like someone grabbed me around the throat and was suffocating me.

The idea of enduring another 30 years of mediocre married life filled me with terrible dread.

This wasn’t what I wanted!

It wasn’t that our marriage was terrible …

We rarely argued …

We had six beautiful children …

From the outside, it was the picture of perfection.

And yet our marriage was decaying from the inside out … and I didn’t even realize it.

How did I get here?

Well, it was easy to ignore our relationship when I was building my financial empire and we had six kids along the way.

My wife (Carly) ended up homeschooling our kids after our daughter turned into an anxious wreck in kindergarten …

Carly had the equivalent of two full-time jobs … which blinded us to what was happening in our marriage.

The idea of enduring another 30 years of marriage mediocrity filled me with dread.

Should I get a divorce and look for my perfect marriage elsewhere?

I came from a broken family and wanted to avoid that at all costs.

What would people think?

Maybe it was better just to bear it.

Who was I to think that marriage could be any better?

Perhaps I just needed to “endure to the end …”

But in my heart of hearts, I knew I couldn’t just continue the way things were.

And yet I didn’t want to destroy my “eternal family” that we’d worked so hard to build (I didn’t realize at the time that the marriage was practically destroyed already).

I Demand Marriage Counseling!

I surprised my wife when she came back from a trip by telling her that I thought our marriage was sh*t.

So she gave me an ultimatum …

“We need marriage therapy!” she said.

I agreed, but passively dragged my feet.

So she took the initiative and booked us into a consultation with a well-regarded therapist recommended by a Latter-day
Saint friend couple.

$800 per month was a small price to pay to make this marriage work.

(Actually, I would have given anything – including half my kingdom – to make this marriage work)

And not just “work,” but take it from prison to passion and from passion to ecstacy and beyond.

I was hoping that therapy would help her see how she was getting in the way of us having a great and passionate marriage.

Well, I did discover something … and that was:

Everything Was My Fault!

Not that I was the only one to “blame,” but that “blame” was irrelevant and I had chosen this marriage and it was up to me to do my part to fix it.

So we went from …

The Brink of Divorce

To having a powerfully connected marriage, trending toward …

A Sex-Filled and Passionately
Connected Marriage

All of which happened in less than three years … but only because I was willing to follow “the code.”

And the crazy thing I discovered along the way?

I was the sexually repressed one in my marriage (and I wasn’t even aware of it).

I thought the reason our sex felt good but was ultimately unfulfilling was my wife’s fault.

She wasn’t attractive enough.

She didn’t want to have the lights on when we had sex.


But what I discovered was that I was so out of touch with my own primal sexual nature (out of fear of it) … that I had turned my “sex thermostat” down to almost zero.

And as our marriage began to improve, and I began to get honest with myself about what I wanted.

As I peeled back the layers of guilt, shame, and self-loathing, I realized that what I really wanted was my wife to be …

The Relief Society President by Day,
and a Sex Goddess by Night!

And that this is okay!

In other words, it’s perfectly normal and perfectly human to want to have a lot of passionate, wild and kinky sex.

(Even as I write this now it feels a bit awkward and that little negative voice from my past is whispering that there’s something wrong with me)

My shame-based upbringing made me feel like a pervert for having these natural and normal thoughts and feelings.

And past that?? And What I REALLY wanted?

What I REALLY wanted was to feel
deeply desired by my wife …

To feel a deep and intimate soul connection.

What SHE really wanted?

What my wife really wanted in sex was to be devoured by me … but this was only possible when I showed up as the guy who was safe enough for her to be all of herself.

But what I discovered next really shocked me:

When My Sex Improved,
My Finances Improved!

With our marriage improved, sexual life on fire, we now:

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